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Color Selection and Prep

The act of painting is really only about 40% of the overall task required to complete your painting project.  The first step is to choose the desired color for the room to be painted.  This is an important step and may require more than the small sample you receive in the store.  On that note, keep in mind that the lights in the stores are a high wattage florescent lighting.  This is not the same lighting you have in your home and may impact the color when applied on your walls.
Some paint stores will provide a small sample of paint that you can paint on the wall to see how it looks with you décor and your life style.  There is nothing worse (maybe there is) to complete the painting project to step back and realize that you don’t like the color.  I recently painted a hallway for a client and they didn’t like the color (it didn’t look like the sample in the store).  The client chose a different color and we repainted the hallway.
After you have selected the perfect paint, it is time to prepare the walls for painting.  Think of the walls as a canvas that is going to be transformed.  After you take down all the paintings and other items on the wall, patch the nail holes.  You can buy a fast drying spackling that will require very little sanding.  When spackling remember that a little goes a long way.  You can purchase a plastic putty knife for under $2.00 that will be perfect for applying the spackling.  The other thing that can be done is to wash the dirty spots on the wall with TSP.  The TSP product can be purchased at most paint stores.
Enjoy shopping for colors!

Paint to sell your home.

It is true that when you sell your home, it will never look better.  We move most of our personal belongings into storage, to de- clutter the home.  You are trying to create an environment for the potential buyers that will allow them to visualize living in your home.  That is why many of the new construction homes have been staged with furniture to create that image in the buyers mind.
The buyers are saying “can I visualize living in this home”.  Many times the lasting image in their mind when they leave the showing is the wall paper in the dining room or the colors of the room(s).  Keep in mind that your taste in colors and patterns may not be the same taste of the potential buyer.  You are marketing to the masses, so this is the time to abandon your creative and artist visions and go neutral. 
A home that has neutral colors on the walls may not be the home you want to live in, but isn’t that the point?  You are trying to sell your home to someone else.  A small investment in painting a few rooms with a fresh coat of neutral paint can pay off in big dividends when it comes to sell.  It might mean the difference of your home selling with the desired results or not.

All Paint is not created equal

It is true that all paints are not created equal.  It is important that you invest in a qualitypaint that will provide the desired results in the fewest coats as possible. Thereis nothing (maybe there are) more frustrating than to apply the first coat ofpaint, to realize that this is now going to require more than two coats ofpaint to achieve the desired results.  Thiswill result in delay time of the project and incurring additional laborcost.  It will also mean that the quantityof paint that you have purchased will not be enough to complete the project.  Yes, another trip down to the store.
When you are looking to paint a room, take the time to takethe measurements of the room.  Most paintstores (Home depot, Menards, Sherman Williams and so forth) will take yourmeasures and calculate the quantity of paint required to paint that room.  These stores will have isles of paint thatwill have a range of prices.  The low endcost will be around $8.00 to $15.00 per gallon, probably not the bestquality.  Ask the clerk for their recommendedpaint, it is usually up front in stacks next to the paint counter.  Some of the paints have a combination paintand primer.  These paints are good whenyou are going to apply your new color over a darker color.  The price range for a good paint is $18.00 to$24.00 per gallon.  It is worth theprice.
I would be happy to discuss the paint options prior to yourpurchase.  A good rule of thumb is to notpurchase your paint from the same place you purchase your bath towels.

Fall Is In the Air

Well, it sure feels like fall and that gets us thinking about those outdoor projects.  Now is the time to look and making sure the gutters are cleaned out and secured to the house.  If you have clean gutters, this could help with ice dams this winter.  Look at the windows.  Do they need to be chalked and are the storm windows on and the screens put away in the garage?
Water shut off.  Typically, you will have outdoor faucets in both the front and back of the house.  Make sure the water is turned off for the season and the faucets opened up to let out the excess water.  This will help prevent the pipes and faucet from freezing.  Also, if you have a sprinkler system, I like to unplug the main box for the winter.  Keep in mind that the pipes for the sprinkler system needs to be blown out for the winter.
Check all outdoor lighting, including landscape lights.  It is much easier to do now, versus when we have a foot of snow on the ground.
Look for missing or broken boards on the house.  Have you been meaning to repair the molding on the garage where you hit it with the car.  How about loose or cracked siding. 
If you have items that are on the To-Do List that you could use some help with, give me a call.
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