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Paint to sell your home

Paint to sell your home.

It is true that when you sell your home, it will never look better.  We move most of our personal belongings into storage, to de- clutter the home.  You are trying to create an environment for the potential buyers that will allow them to visualize living in your home.  That is why many of the new construction homes have been staged with furniture to create that image in the buyers mind.
The buyers are saying “can I visualize living in this home”.  Many times the lasting image in their mind when they leave the showing is the wall paper in the dining room or the colors of the room(s).  Keep in mind that your taste in colors and patterns may not be the same taste of the potential buyer.  You are marketing to the masses, so this is the time to abandon your creative and artist visions and go neutral. 
A home that has neutral colors on the walls may not be the home you want to live in, but isn’t that the point?  You are trying to sell your home to someone else.  A small investment in painting a few rooms with a fresh coat of neutral paint can pay off in big dividends when it comes to sell.  It might mean the difference of your home selling with the desired results or not.
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