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Paints are not created equal

All Paint is not created equal

It is true that all paints are not created equal.  It is important that you invest in a qualitypaint that will provide the desired results in the fewest coats as possible. Thereis nothing (maybe there are) more frustrating than to apply the first coat ofpaint, to realize that this is now going to require more than two coats ofpaint to achieve the desired results.  Thiswill result in delay time of the project and incurring additional laborcost.  It will also mean that the quantityof paint that you have purchased will not be enough to complete the project.  Yes, another trip down to the store.
When you are looking to paint a room, take the time to takethe measurements of the room.  Most paintstores (Home depot, Menards, Sherman Williams and so forth) will take yourmeasures and calculate the quantity of paint required to paint that room.  These stores will have isles of paint thatwill have a range of prices.  The low endcost will be around $8.00 to $15.00 per gallon, probably not the bestquality.  Ask the clerk for their recommendedpaint, it is usually up front in stacks next to the paint counter.  Some of the paints have a combination paintand primer.  These paints are good whenyou are going to apply your new color over a darker color.  The price range for a good paint is $18.00 to$24.00 per gallon.  It is worth theprice.
I would be happy to discuss the paint options prior to yourpurchase.  A good rule of thumb is to notpurchase your paint from the same place you purchase your bath towels.
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